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Technology Planning Tools, including the new grant writer
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International Society for Technology Integration

ISTE's role is leadership. They provide their members with information, networking opportunities, and guidance as they face the challenge of incorporating computers, the Internet, and other new technologies into their schools. An organization of great diversity, ISTE leads through presenting innovative educational technology books and programs; conducting professional development workshops, forums, and symposia; and researching, evaluating, and disseminating findings regarding educational technology on an international level.
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National School Board Association

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National Center for Technology Planning

The National Center for Technology Planning (NCTP) is a clearinghouse for the exchange of many types of information related to technology planning. This information may be: school technology plans available for downloading via a computer network; technology planning aids (checklists, brochures, sample planning forms, PR announcement forms); and/or electronic monographs on timely, selected topics. The NCTP was created for those who: need help, seek fresh ideas, or seek solutions to problems encountered with planning.
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NetDay Compass

NetDay Compass.org is a comprehensive education technology web site designed for technology decision-makers working in K-12 schools. NetDayCompass.org is an initiative developed by NetDay (www.netday.org), a national non-profit organization that works to connect every child to a brighter future by helping educators meet educational goals through the effective use of technology.
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The Technology Source

The purpose of The Technology Source (ISSN 1532-0030), a peer-reviewed bimonthly periodical published by the School of Education, UNC-Chapel Hill, is to provide thoughtful, illuminating articles that will assist educators as they face the challenge of integrating information technology tools into teaching and into managing educational organizations.
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The Technology Coordinator's Home Page

The primary purpose of this site is to catalogue resources that can assist the technology coordinator or educator in integrating technology in a wider school context. While primarily oriented to K-12 schools and districts, this site also contains resources that will be of interest to technical colleges, community colleges, and some other post-secondary educational institutions.
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