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TechBuilder Web Based Application Terms & Conditions

Application Tool Description
TechBuilder is a web-based application and is available for use by private and public schools and school districts at no charge. TechBuilder was developed by EDmin.com a nationally recognized company for the Technology Maturity Model (TMM), a comprehensive methodology for the development of processes, tools, and products to empower educational institutions through the use of technology.
Administrator Registration
Each school or district must assign a single Technology Use Plan Administrator. The plan Administrator must register through http://compaq.edmin.com/ Web site and by following the online prompts.
After registering, the EDmin.com representative will verify with the school or district, that the Technology Use Plan Administrator is authorized to represent. It is the school district's sole responsibility to notify EDmin.com of the termination or reassignment of its Technology Use Plan Administrator.
Password and Confidentiality
The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their information and password.
The user is responsible for all uses of his/her registration, whether or not authorized by them.
You agree to immediately notify Edmin.com of any unauthorized use of their registration or password.
Information collected
Privacy Statement
EDmin.com gathers four types of information about you:
  • Data that you provide through registration such as name, address, organization, and other contact information.
  • Tracking information based on traffic such information enables us to better tailor our services and resources to our members' needs and to help us better understand the demographics of our audience.
Registration information is used for contact. Additionally the information may be used to inform you about changes and/or upgrades to the application tool. You have the ability to opt-in or out of receiving this information. This information will not be sold or used for any other purpose than stated in this agreement.
Correct/update profile information
The user can correct or change the information their member profile at any time and as often as necessary. The user may modify their profile by selecting "My Profile" in the top main navigation.
Delete profile information
The user can delete all of the profile information.
Sharing the registration information
  • EDmin.com uses the information gathered to tailor our services to suit the user needs.
  • EDmin.com does not sell mailing lists or give out customer names to advertisers, business partners, or anyone else. (Link to Privacy Policy)
Security Policy
  • The acceptable user identification password length is a minimum of 6 characters. The password must contain only alpha and numeric characters. The maximum password length is 15 characters.
  • After 20 minutes of inactivity on our site or after entering your password incorrectly 3 times, the user will be prompted with an error message. The user will be logged out. To restart the session, the user will have to wait 10 minutes before re-login.
  • The user's information is protected while being transmitted via SSL.
  • The TechBuilder Web Based application tool supports the following browsers NetScape 4.7 and higher and Internet Explore 5.0 and higher. The recommended browser is Internet Explorer.
  • The screen resolution is 800x600 and up.
  • Some of the resources in TechBuilder are in Adobe Acrobat format. To use these resources you must have the Acrobat plug-in for your web browser.
  • Tutorials in TechBuilder are in the Shockwave application. To use these tutorials you must install Shockwave.
  • Edmin.com reserve the right to refuse to accept registration or cancel access to the TechBuilder web based application tool for any reason.
No Resale or Unauthorized Commercial Use
The registered user cannot make any unauthorized commercial use of the TechBuilder Web Based application tool. The user cannot resell the material or Technology Use Plans (TUP) developed on TechBuilder.
There are no other warranties implied or expressed associated with products listed in the SurveyBuilder module or all available resource links. Edmin.com does not warranty any product or service, including but not limited to warranties of Fitness for a Particular Purpose or Merchantability.
In using the TechBuilder Web Based application tool, the user agrees to defend, indemnify from and hold EDmin.com, its officers and employees harmless from any and all claims and liabilities of any type or nature whatsoever arising out of any act, omission or negligence which may now or hereafter arise out of or result from or in anyway be related to the use of the TechBuilder Web Based application tool. (Link to Disclaimer)
Modifications to the Terms and Conditions
Edmin.com reserves the right to make changes to these User Terms and Conditions from time-to-time without notice or consent by the user.
Contact Us
If you have any questions or concerns about the use of your information or about this Online Terms and Conditions, please send an e-mail to tbhelp@edmin.com or call us @ 619-296-8090, Ext. #167